About Us

Madelaine Caissie, Founder

Xsense Home Parties is a young and energetic company based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Our consultants provide adult products and home presentations all over Atlantic Canada. Founded in 2007, our main goal is to provide hostesses and guests a tasteful and entertaining evening of shopping.

The company largely attributes that success to the quality of the product line and the image of its representatives. The tasteful yet lighthearted presentation of the products makes for an entertaining and enlightening evening for the hostess and her guests.

All Xsense Consultants have a unique opportunity to create a personal path to financial freedom while supporting issues near and dear to their hearts. Whether selling serves as a means to better provide for her family, continue her education, or to earn some extra money in these challenging times. As part of her Xsense journey, every Consultant receives continual training and support from the company, as well as from her fellow Consultants at every step of the way. She thus becomes an integral part of an extraordinarily nurturing and encouraging network of Xsense Home Parties friends and family.

But there is much more to Xsense than parties and paychecks. The company works proactively to support its founding mission—that women should have access to safe products, as well as to sexual health education and resources in their communities.

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