AN Xsense Home Party is a presentation of sensual products for adults, in the comfort of your home.

Why Host a Party?
Because hosting your own presentation is a guaranteed night of fun for you and your friends! Our trained Sales Consultants will guide you and your friends through our entire product line. Excite your senses as you touch, taste, smell and learn about all the products that have been specially selected.
All your friends and neighbors will be absolutely excited about coming for a night of great entertainment with the Xsense home parties. Find out what you can earn when you host your own Xsense Home Parties!
What Rewards does a hostess get?
First of all, when you host a party you receive 10% in shopping credit on all your party sales.
Not to mention your friends will thank you profusely for the great time they had experiencing all the products.
In addition, we also offer various promotions for hosts and guests, please check our promo section for more details.
Xsense Home Parties is the way to shop for sensual products! Your guests will appreciate the comfort of shopping for intimate and sensual products in the privacy of your home. To ensure confidentiality, all orders are taken in private with the consultant. She will be ready to answer all of your questions and help you choose the best products to meet your needs. Currently we only accept cash so tell your guests about it to make sure they come prepared. Also, every order is individually pre-packed to ensure confidentiality.
What is the cost of having an Xsense Home Party?
There is no cost for hosting a party. It’s a fun shopping experience for everyone; no pressure sales – just purchase what you want!
Why is Xsense the best choice for Home Parties?

1. We carry the best quality adult products on the market.

2. Our professional Reps undergo extensive educational training thus ensuring an informative yet fun presentation; at the same time providing the best customer service to you and your guests.

3. Our experience – The majority of our reps have many years of experience and our new reps are graduates of the professional Xsense training program.

4. We offer Bilingual services, in English and French.

5. Your guests get to take their products home that very night!

Do I have to invite a minimum number of guests?
We encourage you to have a minimum of 6 – 8 guests. And don’t forget, the more people you invite, the more credits you get on your own purchases that night (10% of the sales total value).
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