Go Oral

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Newly scaled down to a size that’s both incredibly manageable and fantastically portable, the tiny Go Oral, aside from being blessed with three steady intensities and three more patterns of breathtaking rhythm, is now completely USB rechargeable, ensuring pleasure whenever desire hits.

Despite its unassuming size, we’ll be so bold as to say that this absolutely innovative oral sex simulating pleasure tool could very likely reignite your sex life, your ideas and opinions about oral pleasure, and certainly your toy collection. Just a quick once-over, and you’ll know you’re looking at a truly genius toy, a so called ‘revolution in orgasms.’

A smooth, firm curvy casing steadies a delightfully revolving wheel of ten ultra soft, realistically shaped, slightly up-curled silicone tongues- once the Go Oral ?is activated, those silky, temperature receptive protrusions spin vertically, mimicking a playmate’s talented mouth with breathtaking precision. Three speeds of steady spin and three modes of light shudders, intense pulsations and quick licks can be customized at moments notice with a touch of a large silicone button placed within easy reach of a finger. Again, small size aside, this little vibe is extraordinarily powerful, allowing for continuous, rhythmic pleasure- as a plus point for the petite styling, the Go Oral fits discreetly and unobtrusively into sex and foreplay scenarios AND it’s 100% waterproof.

To charge, simply attach the included cord to a silicone-covered port at the base of the Go Oral, and connect to any available USB port or compatible wall charger. A two hour charge will provide up to a full hour of playtime. Made of silky, hypoallergenic, fantastically skin-safe high end silicone plus sturdy ABS plastic, the Go Oral is ultra hygienic and a breeze to clean with simple soap and water or a good toy cleaner. Always choose use a good water based lubricant is desired- silicone formulas should be avoided. Waterproof.